Happy New Year!!

Submitted by k5rfl on Sun, 10/24/2021 - 14:25

     It will be here before you know it.  It's been a busy year and, overall, seems to have moved at fast pace as always.  We've welcomed a number of new technicians into our amateur radio community this year as well as saw many upgrade their license.  We've been able to have a handful of gatherings in local parks, a trip to Little Mountain, a fox hunt, and more. 

     As the world opened back up several of us had the privilege to attend the Huntsville Hamfest in August, which was a welcome and exciting outing after missing all of the bigger hanfests in 2020.  The crowd was large but the coordinators of the Huntsville Hamfest did a great job in spreading things out to allow for social distancing and there was not shortage of hand sanitizer on hand.  Several vendors gave a bottle away with each purchase as well. 

     With the weather cooling off a little, the Lowndes County ARC planned a radio in the park gathering at the Old Waverly picnic grounds last weekend and it was a great time.  The weather was quite comfortable and the attendance was good.  I believe there were around a dozen or so who were there during the day, including several new hams who enjoyed some hands on experience with several different radios as they consider what they want to look for in their own shacks. 

     In November each club will be making final decisions on the December Christmas party, including location and event details.  Dirty Santa was brought up as a possibility for the K5DY party.  Although no other local events are on calendar between now and the year's end, don't let that stop you from getting out and having some radio fun.  You can build an antenna, set up in a park for a Parks on the Air activation, help a fellow ham with a project... The possibilities are out there but you may have to reach out to someone in order to make it happen.  If you don't currently have a radio, don't let that stop you.  If you want to see what the fuss is all about, just let someone know that you are interested in going along with someone who may be setting up outdoors with their radio.  We hams enjoy sharing the excitement of ham radio with others.  I know I'll be making another trip to Little Mountain in the next couple of weekends and I invite anyone interested to join me.  I'll announce on the net regarding the date I'll go and all you need to do is let me know if you want to come along.

     Whatever you do, keep learning, keep experimenting, and find your joy in ham radio so that you can share that with someone else.

73 all, K5RFL